The perfect 6 pack with Rockpit

The perfect 6 pack

Posted on 1st November 2014

Getting a ripped 6 pack and showing off your abs is one of the most sought after goals – especially for men and even more so when summer edges closer. Usually around 8 weeks before the summer, the gym is crowded with guys and girls on the treadmill and doing an unlimited amount of crunches getting ready for the beach.

Most will be unhappy with the results as they want better, more defined abs.  It’s true that abs are built in the kitchen because to see your abs you need to have a low body fat percentage, usually around 10%.

The gym users who think they can get that ‘fitness model physique’ in 8 weeks and have amazing abs are always disappointed. Firstly, it is hard to lose a lot of weight in 8 weeks and to be beach ready. Secondly the 8 weeks on the run up to summer are most likely the only time they have ever worked their abs!

Your abs are like any other muscle and should be worked accordingly. If you want to thicken your abs should you really do 300-400 crunches everyday? When you want a bigger chest or bigger biceps do you perform 300 reps? The answer is simple – NO!

If you want to thicken your abs perform weighted abdominal exercises, doing this adds more stress to the muscle and therefore the muscle is more likely to grow. Abs should be worked all year round. Abdominal muscles can take a lot of stress which means they can be worked more – if you can work them twice a week you will notice massive improvements.

Just remember – to see your abs when it comes close to summertime you will need to diet unless you stay lean all year round.

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