Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell – Owner of The Gym Dock

Having spent 25 years in the fitness industry I know what is Important. Out of those 25 years 12 were spent running one of Ireland’s most successful gyms. This is why, when The Gym Dock was formed I knew exactly what the customer wanted; a facility that suits their given fitness needs.

Our focus is your health, fitness, and most importantly results. Exactly what you want! At The Gym Dock you will find likeminded individuals that willing to help you achieve your goal. We cater to everyone’s needs, fitness levels and goals. We also have all the tools to help you build the best physique possible.

With a great atmosphere and staff that want to help there is no reason to train anywhere else. Train at The Gym Dock and smash your fitness goals! Our years of experience and wide range of facilities make us the number one choice when choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the right environment for muscular growth/fat loss in 12 weeks or less. Guaranteed!

Why train at The Gym Dock?

At The Gym Dock you are training among likeminded individuals that are committed to changing their lives for the better. You are training among individuals who are wanting to and willing to help you achieve your goals.

The atmosphere is one of drive, one of dedication and commitment pushing you to work hard at achieving your goal. When you walk into The Gym Dock you feel a desire to push beyond your limits, to push beyond your pain barrier, this is why you should be training at The Gym Dock…. because this is how change happens!

The Gym Dock provides a first class facility supported by a motivating and empowering atmosphere for those serious about their health and fitness no matter what age, gender or level of experience.