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Phil Learney’s new book

Posted on 20th October 2014

Phil Graham from Clearcut Health and Fitness gave his followers a fantastic insight to which nutrition and training books to buy recently.  Phil is one of the most experienced and well respected PT’s in the world and any advice he has to offer is worth listening to.

He was recently given the opportunity to receive one of the first copies of Phil Learney’s N1 – Nutrition Programming.  Phil Graham said “I feel that Phil’s new book is for anyone who is looking to make major changes to their health, body comp and performance in the fastest most efficient way possible!”

Who the Book’s For?

– Personal trainers looking to advance their knowledge and client success
– Hard training athletes in any field wanting to maximise health, body composition recovery and performance.


– The book has been reviewed and approved by the main man Jose Antonio of The International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Misc info

– The book is just over 40,000 words and includes around 10,000 words of credible references.


– A complete steal at £29.99 (Pre Sale), especially when you consider the sheer amount of money, time and effort Phil has put into his education and practical experience over his 20+ years in the industry.


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