I have been involved in fitness from a very young age, being reared in a very competitive family participating in many fields of sports, ranging from Soccer, GAA, Boxing, Golf, Distance running, Sprint running, evolving myself into the fitness industry was an obvious choice.

I completed my level 2 fitness instructors course in 2010, a year later I completed my level 3 Personal Training.

In 2015 I graduated my level 1 of world renowned Precision Nutrition and am currently sitting my level 2 Precision Nutrition Masters course. I hope to have my graduation by the summer of 2017. Having these certificates helps me further my knowledge and understanding of nutrition science and therefore optimising results for all types of clients.

I have been practising ‘Online coaching’ also for approximately 3 years, transforming not only clients physiques but helping transform their lifestyles permanently.
From having worked with clients from America, Australia, Germany, England and of course Ireland, local and international high level sports enthusiasts, bodybuilders and bikini competitors, people suffering from medical conditions such as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, CHD(coronary heart disease), Metabolic syndrome, high/low blood pressure, depression and many more, all the way down to the normal working mum of 3, I pride myself on results and optimising a new lifestyle for whomever I work with.

I try to leave no stone unturned in obtaining desired goals, no matter the duration or how deconditioned the client be, where guiding them safely and healthily, creating a longing commitment to a better life overall is paramount.