Music at the Gym

The Power of Music

Posted on 6th November 2014

One thing all us gym users have in common is the love of music. Everyone has their preferred genre to listen to whether it’s before, during or after training.

Before and during training are the most likely times you will listen to music.  On your way to the gym, listening to music is always a great way to get yourself pumped before a workout. It helps get your mind focused.  Many pro bodybuilders listen to music before entering the gym to motivate and ready themselves before each training session.

Listening to great music that motivates you whilst training in the gym has been scientifically proven to help you push more weight or go longer during those long cardio sessions. This recent study found that listening to your own music increases performance during the most explosive exercises and boosts your mood during training, making your session overall more enjoyable.

Music has the power to make us feel many things, so choosing the correct type of music can help you push those extra few reps or run that extra mile. Everyone has that feeling of anticipation when a certain song plays, the feeling that makes you want to move or motivate you to do something.

Don’t forget – Rockpit Fitness has FREE Wifi throughout the gym so you can stream your music from your favourite music apps and sites.

So get rid of the coffee or pre workout drinks, get your phone or MP3 player filled up with your favourite tunes, bring it with you to the gym, headphones on and volume loud so you can feel the difference in your gym performance.

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