Jenni Kyle WBFF

Stay motivated!

Posted on 7th October 2014

One of our personal trainers Jenni Kyle recently posted on her Facebook page a fantastic tip on how to stay motivated when you feel your training has hit a slump or your gains have flat lined.

Use your phone! Everybody checks their mobile phones at least 100 times a day whether it’s for emails, texts or a quick Facebook update. Why not make the lock screen and/or the wallpaper a picture of something that keeps you motivated.

Jenni uses a picture of herself on the morning of the last WBFF in Denmark:

Set your background picture as something that motivates you towards your goals – it’ll help you stay focused. It could be a picture of someone you aspire to be like, a snap of a time when you felt good about yourself, or even a slogan which gives you hope and drive. My picture reminds me that the juice is most definitely worth the squeeze and makes me push that little bit harder.

A quick and easy tip to ensure you stay on track!

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