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Don’t pile on the pounds at Christmas!

Posted on 10th December 2014

Christmas is the time of year everyone complains about adding weight to the scales whether they train or not. Is it worth gaining all this weight when we train so hard all year?

There is a way to enjoy this festive period without needing to buy a bigger size of jeans after the month of December. For most gym users around this time of the year it’s bulking season and they don’t mind gaining 8-10 pounds of fat within a few weeks.

However there are some of us out there who like to bulk slow, or some may even be on a diet to lose weight. There are a few principles that you can follow to ensure your not going to gain 10-20 pounds this Christmas.

Two or Three days before Christmas day, drop your carbohydrates down to 60g-70g, even lower if you can. Keep them the same for these 3 days and ensure your going to the gym and doing cardio for the minimum of 20 minutes. If you can’t make it to the gym these days just go for a power walk for the same amount of time.

Now it’s Christmas day and time to enjoy yourself. If you really want to ensure you won’t gain the unwanted pounds go for a 20min powerwalk on Christmas morning, though this isn’t necessary it’s completely up to you. Below I have given some examples of foods to help you reach your carbohydrate goals over the three days.

  • Uncle Bens Microwave rice – Half packet 35g of carbs, combine with 200g of chicken, turkey, steak strips
  • Sachet of porridge with milk – 20g of carbs
  • Banana – 30g of carbs
  • 1 Can Of Tomato Soup – 30g carbs try 1 slice of wholemeal bread to help fill you up for longer, this would add 15g of carbs to the meal
  • 3 Snackajack Caramel Rice Cakes – 33g Carbs

Above are 5 examples to help you reach your goals, you can find all the information above on – there is also an app available for your smart phone which I highly recommend you download. Follow the steps above and you can enjoy your Christmas feasting without the dreaded feeling of stepping on the scales afterwards.

Merry Christmas from Rockpit!

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