Buffalo Burgers

Posted on 17th December 2014

When we think ‘burgers’ we think unhealthy, greasy, fast food. Burgers are one of the most sought after types of food. If you are reading this post you’re mostly likely into fitness, eating healthy and wondering what is a healthy burger, does it exist?

Of course it is possible to have burgers that are healthy and there are many versions. The truth is there is nearly a healthy version of any food you just need to search for it or experiment. So let’s get started and make a tasty, healthy burger:


· 95/5 steak mince 400g (if you want less fat you can use turkey mince)
· Pinch of salt & pepper
· Tsp. of cumin
· Tsp. of paprika
· 1 Cup of Diced Onions
· 1 Whole Meal Burger Bun
· 60ml Buffalo Hot Sauce (or any other from your choice)

Time to get our hands dirty!

Place the mince into a bowl and add all the seasoning (cumin, paprika, salt & pepper, hot sauce). Mash all the ingredients into the mince using your hands. Once everything is well mixed, mould the mince into burger shapes of a size you’d like and add them to the grill. Set the grill at 180 – 200 degrees and check back in approx 10mins. While those are cooking, dice your onion.

Add the diced onions into a medium heated pan and cook until golden brown (personal preference). Check the burgers again if and turn them, they may need 5 or 10 more minutes to be fully cooked. Once they are looking (and smelling great), place the burger in the whole meal bun and place the onions on top of the burger.

That’s it! Enjoy your innocent, healthy, burger. You can add cheese but it will increase the fat within the meal. Check below for the macros of this meal.


· Protein – 102g
· Carbohydrates – 35g
· Fat – 18g

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